Basic things to know before you get Pomeranian puppy

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Before you get a new puppy and make it a member of your family  is important to know a few basic things .You may wish to show your dog, breed it or just keep it as a pet.

 There are three standards in this breed: Show class,Breed class and Pet class.

In each litter can be born pet class as well as show class puppies, so the cost of each puppy is individual.

SHOW CLASS - This are dogs that meet as closely as possible the entire official standard of the breed. They can visit the exhibitions, as well as to be used for breeding.

BREED CLASS - This are dogs that do not have serious defects disqualifying them, according to breed standard, but may have slight variations, which does not prevent the inclusion in the breeding program.

PET CLASS –These dogs are kept primarily as pets, or for some reason the breeder has decided that it will be limited from breeding, because the lack to meet breed standard.  The three types of definitions are provisional and do not reflect the wonderful character, intelligence and beauty of this breed.

If you have already liked a puppy from our kennel, you can visit us anytime or contact us for more information. And do not hesitate to get in touch with us even just for information, advice or questions about Pomeranians.

 If you have already decided to take your new puppy as PET CLASS, keep in mind that this will be possible once the puppy is over 4 months old and six months respectively for SHOW CLASS and BREED CLASS.

To have a healthy dog ​​, never buy a puppy from an irresponsible breeder, exchange or pet store. Look for reputable breeder who takes pleasure in the development and breeding of the breed.